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This ain't your grandma's sewing circle!

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Impecible Style, Hand Made!
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Do you feel as if you've a hip aesthetic that you love expressing through the creative outlet of sewing? Then sew_hip is the community for you!

This community provides a place for:
Showing off your--
--- sewn fabric-related art such as quilting and artdolls
--- functional quilts and other household products that step outside of the ordinary
--- interesting and unusual stuffed toys
--- and, of course, fabulous clothing and accessories you've sewn yourself
Asking questions about sewing machines, fabrics, techniques, pattern help, and other sewing-related inquiries
swapping DIY sites, tutorials, and free patterns

This community DOES NOT provide a place for:
selling and self-promotion of any kind
promotion of other communities or websites not related to the topics of this community
Communities that you may like to try for selling/self-promotion are: auctions, hotfashionsales, and forsale.

Here are some basic guidelines that will help the community run smoothly:
If you have more than one image to post, please feel free to keep one image, with no side larger than 600px, outside of the tag, but include all others beneath the tag cut. If you do not know how to make an lj-cut, please see here. Please do not forcibly change the font size, colour, or make it blink and/or scroll -- these things can impede accessibility/pose issues for users with diabilities. (Bold and italics are fine, in moderation, however.)
Please include a descriptive subject for your post. It makes things easier to find later.
Try to tag your post with the relevant tags. If someone is looking for machine recommendations, it helps to have those all easily accessible.
Keep in mind that posting things to a community exhibits your items to a wide audience with varied opinions: be prepared to receive constructive criticism.
When commenting, please keep your comments helpful, respectful, and constructive. If you see a comment that you feel clearly does not meet this criteria or is abusive, please contact me immediately and I will deal with it - please don't take it into your own hands. Deleting other people's comments is strictly forbidden, as is deleting your own (except for the purposes of correcting, in which case a recomment is expected to follow shortly).
No selling at all, including links to ebay, etsy, or your own site if that site's main purpose is for selling. Your content-full post may contain one line stating something similar to 'Purchasing information can be found in my personal journal', and if people are interested, they can find that themselves (ie: no links). The first time that you advertise (and your post contains some content other than selling) you will be warned, and given some time to edit the post-- if it's not then edited, it will be deleted (if it contains nothing but selling, it will be immediately deleted). Second time that you do this, it will immediately be deleted and marked as spam, and you will be banned. If you see another member has made a selling/self-promotion post and I have not yet commented to them, then please contact me to draw my attention to it.
No racist, homophobic, sexist, or other abusive slurs will be tolerated. Your post or comment will be immediately deleted and you will be banned.
Spamming will not be tolerated. Spammers will be immediately removed and banned.
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