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More loop turner problems

I'm still not able to get my loop turner to cooperate with me. I can now get the tube to start turning, but about halfway through I stop being able to pull it through. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Well I got it to work successfully, which is really exciting because it's been frustrating me so much!!! But I'm gonna have to use it a bunch more times cos I'm making these bags for Christmas gifts for a bunch of people (using it for the straps), so any ideas for why it was being so uncooperative before would still be appreciated in case it does it again.

EDIT AGAIN: Another problem I'm having is it keeps becoming unhooked. Is there any way to make it less likely to do that?


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Dec. 5th, 2016 08:29 am (UTC)
It takes a lot of practice and patience to get them to work as it's supposed to... more patience than I usually have, to be honest, lol.

I 'cheat' when I have to use one. What works easiest for me is to use a small or medium safety pin and get a good bite of the end before inserting the turner into the tube. I then catch the safety pin and put a small piece of tape over the hook and pin so the latch can't open and then pull the turner back thru the tube.

I hate using a turner so much, whenever possible, I prefer to use one inch webbing strap.

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