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leather for sewing:

This is for people in Toronto, Canada and ONLY at the store located below:

I've just got a job working at Tandy Leather last week!

It took me all day to write all these down for everyone.

I know this is a slight advertisement, but I suggested this to my manager because:
A: he's a larper(live action role play) with the same group as me (Epoch Toronto), as well as doing SCA and other reinactment groups that need leather for costuming or for armour (ie bracers, brestplates,etc)

B: I'm a larper and I know that sometimes places like Fabricland doesnt carry diddly poop for leather stuffs, or other stores gouge through the nose for decent leather.

C: My manager is taking over the leathercraft classes which are at the store listed below on Thursdays starting at 6pm, which I will be participating in myself

He's actually got an awesome pair of bracers in the display case at the store. I'm also working on a leather mask with a friend of mine (who also works at the store and is a larper/d&d'er) for my bellydancing halfling for an upcomming convention called Pandamonium

We are having a Manager's sale at our store only.

about 90% of these items are going to be discontinued. Especially, from what Ive noticed, fantasy based items such as conchos and stamps for Vegtan leather.

We sell a variety of kits from Dream Catchers to Motorcycle bags(almost everything in the store is DIY). We actually have really cool craft aid dragon patterns too.

Here is a small list of what the prices are. All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Classes : 5$
red tag 3D tool stamps usually about $4.50, now at $1.99
Latigo Shoe Laces: $1.25
Fringe Bag Kit: $7.47
3/4 inch alphabet tool set :$17.25 (regular price $34.49)
Nature Tan Tri fold wallet: $11.50
Nature Tan bifold wallet:$10.35
Tiffany Wallet Kit(vegtan):$20.12
Nature Tan clutch purse kit: $21.85
Heritan Dream catcher kits: $6.49
Velvet Fringe Suede: $8.62 (black, tan, red)
Del-mar billfold kit:$14.37
nature tan key fob kit: $1.15
Shield Shapes(vegtan) pack of 25: $11.50
Daisy Shapes(vegtan) pack of 25: 11:50
naturetan watch band kit: $4.02 (reg price $8.04)
Nature Tan mystery braid bracelets: $1.72
Mini Canoe kits: $2.87

Easy to do stamp kits (these come with 4 mini stamp tools in the kit):$4.60

Nature Tan leathercraft kit-comes with leather projects, tools and instructions:
$34.50 (regular price $68.99)

(my favorite) WHITE RABBIT FUR SKINS: $3.50 (ive bought 4 of these myself)

Sheep Wool Hides: $99.95

Keep in mind that if you are in our computer system, we send you flyers about monthly sales, special discounts that are chain wide, and so on.

I apologize if anyone thinks this post isnt legal...I'm just trying to help out cause I know that sometimes certain tools and kits can get quite expensive, and not too many people in Toronto know that my store even exists.

for sew_hip we have machine washable suede hides in lots of bright colors
for diy_tutorials vegtable tanned leather(aka vegtan or veggietan) is workable by making it wet. you wet the leather till its considerably darker than the origional color, and use a poly mallet, a hard surface (we use marble) and your tool to stamp the designs. Then once it's dry (and holes are punched wherever applicable) then you can dye it and finish it.
for fantasycostume Vegtan or Latigo makes GREAT armour. Veg tan can be hardened with ammonia and water, then dyed to match your outfits for armour such as bracers.

To get there, it's on Victoria Park ave, three lights north of Eglinton, on the west side. If you get stuck, feel free to call for directions.

If you are in the boonies, we do ship across ontario (and sometimes even as far out as newfoundland) via canada post.

Manager: Ryan Wright
1654 Victoria Park Ave Scarborough, ON M1R-1P7
fax: 416-757-9279
Toll Free: 800-236-4651

To keep it legal,

Please keep in mind that any of my works that you are seeing, have been done since i was hired, almost only 2 weeks ago, and before that I have never tooled leather

my dragon belt

a disk for my backpack

a wrap for my thermos (which comes in a kit with the thermos included)

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