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1940's Green Slytherin Dress

 This is a dress that has really been through the ringer.  I've altered it 2-3 times and this is the final product.  You can see the previous adaptions by clicking on the picture.

Blue Floral Fit and Flare

A new dress! Click on it to see a little more info.

Weird feed dog problem

I'm having problems with my feed dogs again. It's the weirdest thing. They work on scrap fabric but not on the project I'm working on. The only thing that's different about the project is it's with two different kinds of fabric, a cotton and a knit. Is it somehow a problem to sew two different kinds of fabric together? It feels like that has to be something you can do. Any ideas?

EDIT: Working now! Putting the cotton on the bottom did the trick. Yay!

Red Cotton Dress

Still sewing strong! Here is another new creation! First time working with cotton to make a dress. Click to see more!

Grey Flower Dress

Hello!  I am back to sewing!!! This is my newest dress, feel free to check out more about it and what I've been upto HERE!

Jul. 25th, 2017

Finished the second luttrell psalter fantasy.

Medieval embroidery

Here be dragons...


Vintage patterns wiki

Just found this AMAZING wiki of vintage patterns! These are my favourite type of pattern to sew. They have tons and tons of them, searchable by garment type or decade. Of course, you still have to find someone to buy the patterns from. Clicking two of the seller links at random, the first was $55 (NOPE) and the second was $9 (doable, though definitely not as nice as when I used to get them for 69 cents from the Value Village that used to be in my neighborhood). This is definitely a really awesome site, and I'm sure I'll be finding a lot of stuff there!


Needle plate cover screw stuck

I'm trying to take off my needle plate cover so I can bring the feed dogs up manually (I posted about this months ago but I've been dealing with some personal issues so haven't been ready to try to do it until now), but both the screws were stuck. I was able to get one of them by hitting the top of the screwdriver with a hammer, which was a suggestion I found on WikiHow, but the other one is right where the front of the machine is so I can't do that. I did try WD-40 but that didn't work. I think part of the problem is because the front of the machine is right there I can't hold the screwdriver upright, I have to hold it at an angle. The machine came with a small screwdriver, but even that one isn't small enough to fully fit under the front of the machine for this one screw. Googling for "needle plate cover screw stuck" gives me results for people talking about getting screwdrivers with short handles and using PB Blaster and Tri-Flo (I don't even know what either of those are). So is it true that even if the screw weren't stuck it would be impossible to unscrew it unless I can hold the screwdriver fully upright over it? If that's true I don't understand why the screwdriver the machine came with doesn't have a handle short enough to let me do that!

Feed dogs work with paper but not fabric?

My machine is being so weird right now! I had to take the bobbin and the thing that holds it in (I don't know what that's called) the other day and I accidentally lowered the lever that lowers the feed dogs. So today to make sure they were working again I tested it on some paper and that worked fine so I thought they were fine, but when I tried to sew with fabric they weren't working again! I thought they might've gotten accidentally lowered again somehow so I tried again with paper and it worked fine with the paper again. I know I've had it happen before where they wouldn't work because I was holding my foot on the foot pedal incorrectly, so I tried moving it around in various ways, but it still wouldn't work with the fabric. But I tried several more times with the paper and it worked every time. This is so weird! Does anyone know why this might be happening and how to fix it?

Shopping bag



Just finished this bag, a gift for a friend. I'm really happy with how it came out! I made a few minor mistakes, but for the most part it looks way better than any other project I've ever made. Part of it is my seams are much straighter than I've ever been before. I had this perpetual problem of sewing too fast, which would make the seams all crooked. I was talking about how frustrated I was about not being able to figure out how to stop doing this on Facebook, and a friend suggested I turn the foot pedal sideways, which she said would make it easier to control the speed--strange trick, but it actually worked! So I'm really happy to have solved that problem, cos that's been driving me crazy for as long as I've been sewing!

I'm making a bunch of these bags, belated (way belated, now) Christmas gifts for people. I've been dragging my feet on getting them done, but everything went really smoothly with this one for the most part, so it only took a few days. And because things were going so smoothly, it was really fun to make! So I think I'm going to finally be ready to get the rest of these done now.