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My sewing machine arsenal

I don't consider myself a sewing machine collector. I think that I am  more of a hobbyist. I enjoy taking a machine that has been neglected or  abused, and nursing it back to health. In doing so, I have "collected"  some rather interesting, good working machines.

If you have read my other posts, you know that my interest in sewing  machines started by wanting to better understand the internal mechanics  of a machine. My first purchase was a Montgomery Ward — 21 Jewel —  Supreme Automatic — Zig-Zag. It had plenty of controls and moving parts  to satisfy my interest.

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Beginner sewing - First projects

I started sewing last year. An odd hobby for a 62 year old man to take up.

My interest in sewing was spurred by my interest in examining the mechanical synchronies of a sewing machine, and an interest in producing outdoor gear products for myself. I found a Montgomery Ward Model URR 787 - 21 Jewel Supreme Automatic sewing machine at my local Goodwill store, that seemed to be fairly complex enough to satisfy my inquisitive objective.

After watching YouTube videos, I learned a few sewing techniques, practiced using scrap materials, and explored a variety of threads to learn their application, capacity, and limitation attributes. An essential knowledge base to procure prior to undertaking a project.

My first project was a winter shirt for myself, made from a wool blanket. Even though I didn't have a pattern, my guesstimates were fairly accurate.

For my second project, I purchase a White overlock machine, a pattern, and made a fleece jacket for my "girlfriend", Sheila (we've lived together for more than 25 years, I still refer to her as my girlfriend). This project was educational in respect to working with patterns, so felt I was ready to make something more elaborate. Sheila's birthday was coming, so decided on a pattern and chose materials that I thought that she would like. I also found a 1952 Singer 201-2 that I liked. Here is the product of my second time working with a pattern, and first project on the Singer.

Considering that I was a beginner, I was pleased with my work, and so was Sheila.

I remember my mother making her own clothing to save money. Not these days.

Red Criss Cross

I made this for a friend about a month ago and she really is happy with how it turned out!  It is similar to my Maroon Criss Cross top but  with sleeves.  If you want to see more you can click the picture!

Adjustable Straps Black Slip

I am really excited to have a black slip!  I wanted to take it one step further and make it with adjustable straps. If you want to see more about the straps, you can click on the picture below.  I am really excited to make more adjustable strapped garments because I bought the hardware in bulk in both black and white!

Review of Free PDF Pattern Boudoir Shorts

I am in love with this Free PDF Pattern for the Boudoir Shorts. They are now my #1 go to for my remnants soft enough to become PJ shorts. You can click either pictures below for the instructions and the free PDF pattern!