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Flower Work Shirt

I have finally found the time to finish this shirt! Between getting 2 new puppies and a new job while being promoted within 3 months. I have been very busy and I am really happy to finally be sewing again!

I used Vogue 8772 and some clearance fabric I got from Joann’s. If you want to see more about the shirt, or the puppies, you can click on the picture below!

A large embroidered hanging based on marginalia from a medieval manuscript


Needle not moving

I haven't gotten to sew in quite some because I was having a problem with not being able to get my feed dogs to come up, but yesterday someone showed me how to fix it and now I can finally sew again! And I'm really excited!

However, I'm having another problem with my machine. Every once in awhile the needle stops moving for no apparent reason. The flywheel is spinning but the needle stays stuck down in the fabric. Eventually after I turn the flywheel enough times myself I can get the needle to rise again and after that it'll sew fine for awhile, before it happens again. Any idea what could be wrong?

Zipper help

My daughter has a new zip up sweatshirt that keeps splitting. She'll zip it up and a few minutes later the bottom is open again.

I'm going to get a new zipper for it today, but I'm wondering if that's the only solution. Do I really need to replace the whole zipper, or could I just replace the pull tab piece? I'm not sure what causes the teeth to split on a zipper, but if I can avoid replacing the whole zipper I'd like to. I'm afraid of damaging the shirt. :/

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