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Pocket for phone

Tonight I sewed an entire project, yay! I have little pockets I've sewn in the back of my messenger bag (my normal everyday bag) for keeping important stuff like my wallet and my keys in so I'm not digging through the tons of other stuff I keep in there trying to find them. I just got my first smartphone and it's too big to fit in the pocket with my wallet like my old one did, so I had to sew a new pocket for it. So I did that tonight. The whole thing only took about an hour and a half, and it would've been faster if I hadn't had some frustration with my thread breaking. The needle kept coming unthreaded and I thought I just wasn't pulling out enough extra thread like you're supposed to do to keep that from happening, but eventually I figured out that it was actually breaking cos it's cheap. I'm going to throw out all my cheap thread and buy some nicer stuff from my neighborhood fabric store cos apparently it really does make a difference. Other than that it was smooth sailing though. It's so much easier to sew now that I figured out how to get the feed dogs working and keep the thread from bunching up under the fabric, which were always my two main frustrations with sewing.

Anyway, the pocket came out great! I made it exactly the right size and the fabric I used is supercute. And it'll be so easy to have my phone right there.

Here's the pocket:


And here it is in my bag with my other ones for other stuff:



Teal Tribal Print

I LOVE THIS DRESS!  I have added it to my typical week wardrobe for work!  This is seriously the first time I have been able to line up prints correctly AND not have any puckering in the sleeves! If you click on the picture below, you can see more about this dress.

Ok I lied, I was soo excited, here is another

Patchwork curtains!

Today I finished the biggest project I've ever done! I made patchwork quilts to put over my boring white curtains.


Bonus picture of my kitty Smokey being cute helping me pin:


I'm really excited! I think they're supercute, and I'm proud of myself for finishing such a big project. They're not perfect but I'm ok with that.

And and and, I had two things happen that will make sewing infinitely less frustrating for me. I've been more careful about how I'm threading my machine, especially threading it with the presser foot up, and since I've been doing that I haven't had the problem with thread bunching up on the underside of the fabric, which was the source of like 99% of the problems with my machine. Then the other thing is I've been having a problem with the feed dogs not working but I figured out what that was too (I don't want to say what the problem was cos it's so simple I'm embarrassed to admit it!). So now I'm not having to pull the fabric through myself and it's so much easier and my seams are so much straighter!

So now that I can sew without tons of frustration I want to SEW ALL THE THINGS. I have a project that's a dress from a vintage pattern that I've been in the middle of forever so first I'm gonna finish that, and I have tons more patterns (I used to get them from a local thrift store, which has sadly since closed) and tons more ideas and oh my god sewing is so much fun!!!


Thanks to everyone who commented on my post a few days ago about having problems with my thread bunching up on the underside of my fabric. I was just working on a project and I was having the top thread show up on the underside and the bobbin thread show up on the top, so I thought my tension was off, but I adjusted it and it was still happening. But I rethreaded my machine and it was fine, and I've been sewing for quite awhile now without the thread bunching up on the bottom either. So I think there has been something wrong with how I've been threading the machine like several of y'all suggested, but the thing is, I'm not totally sure what it is! I'm following all the instructions from my manual every time, and sometimes it seems to be correct and other times it doesn't, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong the times it's not working! Google tells me that a potential source of both these problems is threading with the presser foot down, which I didn't know you're not supposed to do, so maybe I have been doing that sometimes and that's what the problem has been? I'm not sure.

Anyway, my current project is currently coming along very well and I should be able to finish it tonight, so I'll be able to post some pictures instead of just asking for help with a problem like I usually do here!

What's wrong with my thread?

I have this recurring problem with my machine where I'll be sewing and a bunch of thread will bunch up on the underside of the fabric. After a lot of trial and error (including some great suggestions from some of y'all here), I've figured out that what ends up fixing it is inevitably changing out my top thread. It's happened twice with my current project, and I'm just wondering what's going on that I keep having problems with my spools of thread. Is there a major quality difference between cheap thread and the more expensive stuff? I buy cheap thread because I don't have a lot of money, but buying one spool of expensive thread that I can actually use would be more cost-effective than buying all these cheap spools that won't cooperate with my machine!


After some discussion with my mom and some stress, I have a completed dress!


It's not going to be the nice bouncy skirt I wanted, but that's because the fabric is too stiff. Unfortunately the prints I wanted didn't come in a lighter weight fabric. :/

I also accidentally sewed the skirt on backwards... Next time I'll mark it somehow so I can tell front from back while it's inside out.

But my daughter is super happy and wants to wear it to school tomorrow. :)

Only three more to go!


Green Starburst Dress

Hello, I am really excited for this next dress. I made this with leftover fabric, there wasn’t too much left otherwise I would have liked to make sleeves. But you can see more if you click the picture below.

Adding Ruffles/Tiered Skirt

I'm trying to add a ruffled tiered skirt to the bottom of a tank top for my daughter and am having some trouble figuring it out.

I've never sewn either before, so I looked up some tutorials online. But I'm getting mixed messages as far as how much fabric I need. When I look up how to make a tiered skirt with a ruffle, it says I need double the amount of fabric. My daughter's waist is 23" so I would need to do 1.5 times that for the connector and then double *that* number for the ruffle. Which means I would need 69" of fabric for the ruffle.

However, since I'm not making a *skirt* I don't really need the connector. So I found a tutorial for making a tank into a dress. That says to layer the fabric instead of tier it, easy enough. The example given is using a 4T shirt and she used 24" of fabric for her strips. Now, I measured a 4T shirt I have and it came out to 22", does that mean she only allowed for 1" for ruffling? Given a 1" seam allowance?

Also, my daughter's waist is 23", but the shirt is 21". It's a slim fit and stretches when she wears it, so I'm guessing I should use her measurement and just make sure to pull the shirt as I sew right? So that the skirt won't be too tight.

So, how much fabric do I really need to make a nice ruffle? And do I need two pieces for one ruffle? The fabric I have is cotton blend, kinda heavy, but not overly so. I think of sheets when I feel it.

I only bought a yard of fabric so I'm panicking a bit about not having enough. It doesn't help that I SWEAR the bolts said they were 45" and yet I measured them here and they're 38". :(

Self Drafted Box Pleat Skirt

 Hello again!  I drafted this box pleat skirt all on my own with no pattern!  I am really really happy with how it all turned out!  If you want to see how I made it you can check out my blog by clicking the picture.  The next box pleat skirt I make I will make a tutorial on how to make them!

Workin' Knit

Hello!  I am so proud of this dress!  I have been needing to update my work wordrobe lately and I am so happy to add this addition.  I got the fabric from Joanns in the clearance section about 4 years ago.  You can click on the picture if you would like to see more about this dress or my puppies!